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I spent a number of years as an elementary teacher, instructional resource teacher, and a school system reading supervisor.  I can't help thinking of various possible lesson plans as I write.  I would love to share some ideas with you.  By the same token, if you find a good instructional connection to any of my stories, please  e-mail  to: 
Please only share original work and indicate that you are giving me permission to post it.   

A few ideas… from Granny’s Teeth - A Collection of Quirky Rhyming Tales

A Magnificent Airship: (Move over Flat Stanley! Where does Grandpa’s Hair land?)
Send Grandpa’s hair home with students to photograph in wild places. Or, simple display the “toupee” in the classroom and have kids write about it’s final destination. This is a great geography tie-in. You can make it as simple or complex as you like. For easy directions to make Grandpa’s hair, visit the Resource section. There are some fun photos of the runaway hair in the Gallery section.

Recess Rules: This is a great read-aloud for the beginning of the year, but before reading it, ask the students to come up with a short list of classroom rules they think are important. After reading "Recess Rules, ask the students to compare their list with the book version. Finalize your classroom and school rules.

Granny’s Teeth: What kinds of things did Granny’s teeth talk about? As a group, list the categories, trips, family, songs, etc. Challenge the students:
If your teeth could talk, what would they talk about? Make a list of as many things you know about or have done in your life. Don’t forget the things you like! After the students make a list, they can put the list into their writing folder for future writing ideas.

Some quick and easy lesson 'hooks'
Francois and the Tide - Personification
Bea's Blizzard - Fantasy vs. Reality
Confused - Verbs
More Confused - Rhyme Scheme
Granny's Teeth - Brainstorm and create  a personal list of writing ideas to place in writing folder
Angus's Tub - Volume
Bertram Butternut the Innovator - Cause and Effect
Three Boxes - Recyling
Recess Rules - Inferences
The Helper - Characterization, main idea 
Ah Choo! Choo - Humor
Poam-  A One-Paje Play - Writing process/editing
The Window Washer - Irony
Quiggly's Dilemma - Cause and effect

Five Teachers by Liz Cooper
If I could be five teachers 
 Instead of only me
 I could do so much to fix 
 The problems that I see

The first “me” would instill the love
 Of reading in each child
The wonder and the magic 
 Of stories tame and wild

The second “me” knows that math applies
To real life all life long
Problem solvers make the grade
They’re never really wrong

The third “me” would produce great writers
Clamoring to share
Perfect poems and gripping prose
from the hallowed author’s chair.

The fourth “me” would mentor colleagues
Who are starting out brand-new
To deal with overwhelming tasks
And much too much to do

The fifth “me” would get to know my kids
And find the best in each
That special spark that turns to flame
Is why I chose to teach.

But I can’t be four more teachers
there’s only one of me
So each and every day I’ll strive
To emulate teachers one through five
And add a little bit of me.                       
Share this at your next staff meeting!

Copyright © 2018 Liz Cooper. All rights reserved as follows: Users are free to share “Five Teachers” in print or social media with full credit given to the author. Commercial use is strictly prohibited without prior written permission of the author.