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Granny's Teeth -
A Collection of Quirky Rhyming Tales 
     Whether staying up all night talking to a set of chatty dentures, or watching Grandpa's hair fly away, the young characters in this collection of  fifteen quirky tales find unusual solutions to life's unexpected events.  The story lines are simple and funny, yet the themes are surprisingly complex, providing lots of opportunities for the sharing or ideas.    
  • Included-  "Let's talk about it discussion starters, questions and research ideas. 
  • Ideal for independent reading, reading groups, teacher/parent read-alouds,.
  • Multiple curriculum connections
  • Targets elementary grades
Bluebell Skinks Wheelchair Kid
     It isn't going to be easy to enroll herself into Mortimer Potts Elementary School without her parents finding out, but Bluebell Skinks has a plan.  In only three weeks, she will prove to the world that a wheelchair kid can cause just as much chaos as any other kid and have a blast doing it. 

  • Chapter book - #  pages TBD
  • Targets grades 3-5
  • Projected availability late 2018 or early 2019 
Mitzi Mufflin - 
Principal for a Day
   New student Mitzi Mufflin, who happens to be blind, is thrilled to be named "Principal for a Day."  Little does she know that the teachers will go missing  and she will be in charge- for real.  Can she save Mortimer Potts Elementary School from impending doom? 

  • Chapter book - # pages TBD
  • Targets grades 3-5 
  • Projected availabilkity spring 2019